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Dana L. Dixon

A creative visionary and strategic executor with a passion for empowerment, Dana Dixon, is the founder and CEO of Dana Lauren Consulting. Her firm delivers expert counsel to executive leadership teams and partners with marketing and operations personnel to develop state-of-the-art solutions. Recognized for an ability to consistently produce positive results, Dana’s expertise ranges from talent management and process development to c-suite advising, data analysis, and quality assurance. Driven by an innate desire to empower people and organizations, she diligently lends her insight and leadership as she inspires clients to prioritize their big picture.

Experienced in supporting the progress of individuals and communities, Dana began her career working in human services and community outreach. Philanthropic in nature, her interest in these occupations is rooted in an ideology best communicated through the following John Bunyan quote:

“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who cannot repay you.”

Having served in executive operational roles in addition to direct support human services positions, Dana has over a decade of experience creating pathways to progress. Additionally, her notable contributions on human resources teams provide an advanced lens in which to lead talent development.

With a belief that every dream can be realized, Dana works with startups and established organizations to provide strategies for long-term success. Skilled in human resources, marketing, and operations development, her most valuable attribute is an ability to create structure from chaos. Keeping the end goal in mind, she creatively assists individuals and organizations with executing their visions through tailored systems and processes. With newfound structure, Dana’s clients have increased revenues, retained top talent, and most importantly, fulfilled their missions. The success of her clients fuels her continued commitment to Dana Lauren Consulting, and the venture is an integral part of her own life’s purpose. Dana shares:

“My philosophy on life is to always seek to live on purpose and at your best self, enjoying the journey while doing so...”

On a mission to continue assisting her clients as they work to fulfill their goals, Dana is dedicated to
supporting their success and long-term sustainability. Passionate about people and their potential, she credits her father, a clinical social worker, with introducing her to entrepreneurship and sparking her interest in a purpose-filled path.

Dana has earned a Master of Social Work with a concentration in Business Administration and Innovation. Additionally, she has earned a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. Having served as a congressional fellow in the office of Congresswoman Karen Bass, Dana has developed federal and state agency partnerships and has experience serving as a congressional field representative. Born in North Carolina, she completed her education at the University of Southern California and went on to launch a successful career in Los Angeles. Having recently put down roots in her native home, she enjoys spending time with family and volunteering. Whether consulting with clients or giving back in the community, Dana’s message consistently inspires. In the words of Katrina Mayers, she reminds every visionary to:

“Believe in your dreams, they were given to you for a reason.”

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